by Mallard the Wonderdog



handmedowns/towyn bound the train pulls into town/i get off and i watch them turn it round/and think about my cousin's handmedowns/venue found/family and strangers milling round/i slip into the back without a sound/discovering my grandma's handmedowns/gathered for a funeral in a run down seaside town/handmedowns/handmedowns/woolen suits respectful funeral gowns/an old boy makes the most peculiar sound/ i think about my cousin's handmedowns/sea shore bound/suddenly there's nobody around/promenades and sand spilled overground/a will exists a list of handmedowns/so i stalk round the remnants of a gutted seaside town/wondering where the waves went in my cousin's handmedowns/handmedowns


released April 2, 2017
written, performed and recorded by mallard the wonderdog



all rights reserved


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